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Why Use Rescue-Sim?

If you need to enhance your RTC Training or if you can’t get hold of scrap vehicles, poor weather conditions and other training issues are a problem for Vehicle Extrication Training and development, Rescue-Sim could be the answer. Using the Rescue-Sim interactive training package, you can carry out simulated vehicle extrication and RTC rescue scenarios, as a discussion or as an interactive blended learning experience individually or as a team, within the comfort of your station or training center.

RTC Training Module 3
A scenario is an assessment module which covers multiple actions from the start of a rescue through to completion of the objectives.

RTC Training Module 3
An Incident is for trainers or teams to discuss specific vehicles or situations, the approaches and techniques that would be used in different types of incidents.

RTC Training Module 3
A Training Module is an assessment module which focuses purely on a specific training subject, such as stabilising a vehicle or making an EV safe.

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