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Why Use Rescue-Sim?

If you need to enhance your vehicle extrication training, or if you can’t get hold of vehicles, poor weather conditions and other training issues are a problem for vehicle extrication training and development, Rescue-Sim is the answer. Using the Rescue-Sim interactive training package, firefighters and first responders can carry out simulated vehicle extrication and RTC rescue scenarios, as discussions or as an interactive blended learning experience individually or as a team, within the safety of your station or training center. To view the complete syllabus click here.

How to Use Rescue-Sim

Rescue-Sim is an on-line interactive training platform designed for blended learning within emergency services, first responders and any other professionals that provide emergency response. Once registered you can select the desired training module, this will offer you three modes:

Training Mode – This mode provides full training, guiding you through each step and provides valuable training information. This mode allows individuals to train at anytime and anywhere.

Assessment Mode – This mode is very similar to training mode, but removes the next steps and guidance, it is designed to test your understanding and confirms you have learnt the key aspects from the initial training.

Trainer Mode – This mode allows a trainer to place items freely, this can be used in classroom training sessions, or for general discussions in groups.

The Benefits of Rescue-Sim

Rescue-Sim can provide the following benefits when used within a blended learning strategy:

Realistic Scenarios – Rescue-Sim can create a realistic training environment for firefighters that mimics real-life emergency situations, such as car fires or hazardous unstable incidents. This allows firefighters to experience and practice their responses to these situations in a controlled and safe environment.

Safe Training Environment – With Rescue-Sim, firefighters can practice their responses to vehicle incidents without exposing themselves to real-world dangers. This not only protects the firefighters' physical safety but also minimises the risk of causing property damage or harm to the environment.

Consistent Training – Rescue-Sim can provide consistent training to all firefighters, regardless of their location or experience level. The platform can be customized to provide a consistent training experience for all participants, helping to ensure that every firefighter receives the same level of training.

Cost-Effective – Rescue-Sim can be a cost-effective training solution for firefighting departments. It reduces the need for costly on-site training exercises, which can involve the use of expensive equipment and resources. Used as a blended learning approach you can maximise any on-site training by have all candidates trained beforehand using Rescue-Sim.

Customisable Scenarios – Rescue-Sim can be tailored to meet the specific training needs of individual firefighting departments. This allows departments to create custom scenarios that are relevant to their location, equipment, and training objectives.

Overall, Rescue-Sim provides a safe, cost-effective, and customisable training solution for firefighters and first responders that helps to prepare them for real-world emergency situations.

Scenario RTC training module
A Scenario is a module which covers multiple actions from the start of a vehicle extrication rescue through to the completion. These can be undertaken in Training Mode, Assessment Mode, or Trainer Mode.

Incident RTC training module
An Incident provides trainers with specific vehicles or situations, allowing them to annotate the scene, discuss the approaches and review extrication techniques that would be used in these situations.

Training RTC training module
A Training Module focuses on a specific extrication training subject, such as stabilising a vehicle, or making an electric vehicle safe. These can be undertaken in Training Mode, Assessment Mode, or Trainer Mode.

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