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Rescue-Sim is the leading interactive on-line training platform tailored for first responders and fire fighters. Rescue-Sim is dedicated to delivering a blended training experience, emphasising on first aid training in everyday situations and placing additional focus on vehicle extrication.

What sets Rescue-Sim apart is our distinctive interactive approach, ensuring that first aid and vehicle extrication training becomes more engaging and candidates’ ability to retain vital information is significantly boosted. Rescue-Sim enables first responders to be prepared for a training session, maintain the freshness of their skills, and/or validate their knowledge through periodic assessments.

About RTC Training Class Room Training

Rescue-Sim addresses the ongoing challenge of first aid and vehicle extrication training in a dispersed workforce. It offers a viable alternative that minimises dependences on physical resources like training rooms, equipment, and specialised items (such as scrap vehicles and medical devices). When deployed as part of a blended training approach, it streamlines the organisation and execution of training, reducing time requirements, and enables training companies to provide training to more organisations without the resource constraint.
Key Features of Rescue-Sim

• Interactive scenarios
• Can be repeated endlessly
• Create your own scenario from multiple options
• Can be linked to trainer assessors
• No large cost or equipment needed
• First Aid Scenario’s and vehicles added monthly

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Training Module and Training Features

As well as providing complex training scenarios rescue sim provide training modules that allow you to focus on specific competencies. In this video we will demonstrate training module 1 and the interactive features a trainer and candidate have, these include:

• Training information sheet, containing additional information.
• Ability for a trainer to see all candidates training history.
• Candidates can log notes and questions against completed modules.
• Traininers can log notes and answer questions against each module.

New to Vehicle Extrication?

Vehicle extrication, also known as vehicle rescue, is a specialized rescue technique that involves removing people who are trapped inside a vehicle after a road traffic collision or other accidents. Vehicle extrication is a complex and hazardous operation that requires a coordinated effort from emergency responders such as firefighters, paramedics, and law enforcement officers. The primary objective of vehicle extrication is to safely remove the vehicle's occupants while minimizing the risk of further injury. This typically involves using hydraulic rescue tools such as cutters, spreaders, and rams to remove or displace vehicle components such as doors, roofs, and pillars to create a space large enough to remove the occupants. During the process, responders must also stabilize the vehicle to prevent it from shifting or collapsing, and provide medical care to the occupants. Vehicle extrication is a critical component of emergency response and requires extensive training and expertise to perform effectively. Emergency responders must follow established protocols and safety procedures to ensure the safety of both the occupants and the responders themselves.
New to Vehicle Extrication

Benefits of Rescue-Sim

Why use Rescue-Sim
Benefits of Rescue-Sim

Pre-Course Training – Candidates can prepare for on-site training and establish a good theoretical understanding of processes, this will ultimately speed up on-site training sessions enabling trainers to undertake training in a reduced time frame without any compromise in the quality of training.

Primary Training – Trainers can use Rescue-Sim as their primary training platform, saving valuable time and remove the issues of scheduling training. Trainers can then supplement training when their schedule permits.

Post-course training – Candidates can increase their breadth of knowledge by undertaking further training within Rescue-Sim, covering more scenario’s and subject matters which they may not have had time during their on-site training sessions.

Assessment and certification – Candidates and trainers can ensure their on-site training has been learnt by using Rescue-Sim’s Assessment mode, this will ensure candidates have retained the knowledge and will automatically provide certification of completion, removing the overhead of testing, marking and distributing certificates.

Refresh knowledge – Candidates can refresh their knowledge at any time, ensuring their training is maintained and they are always ready to save lives.

Cost-Effective – Rescue-Sim is a very cost-effective training solution, used as a blended learning approach you can maximise any on-site training.

Overall, Rescue-Sim provides a safe, cost-effective, and customisable firsr aid and vehicle extrication training solution for firefighters and first responders that helps to prepare them for real-world emergency situations.

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